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Water Resource Management Unit

The Water Resource Management Unit (WRMU) maintains a hydrological database and provides data and information to government ministries, non-government institutions and students.

The Unit is involved in assessing the status and overall management of water resources in St. Vincent & the Grenadines (SVG) through monitoring hydrological and meteorological parameters in the upper and lower watersheds.

Hydrological Parameters: variables of the water or hydrological cycle such as surface runoff, stream flow, ground water, and precipitation.

As a result the unit collects, processes, manages, validates and analyzes these hydrological and meteorological data.

The WRMU Operates and Maintains:

10 Automatic Water Level Recording Stations (River level variation and flow)

5 Automatic Climate Stations (Parameters of measurements includes Rainfall, Air Temperature, Relative Humidity, Air Pressure, Solar Radiation, Evaporation, Wind Speed and Soil Temperature from 5cm to 35cm)

26 Automatic tipping Bucket Rainfall Stations (Distributed throughout St. Vincent and the Grenadines at Varying elevations)

26 Ground water Measuring Stations (Throughout St. Vincent, Bequia and Union Island)

21 Flow Measuring Stations (Throughout St. Vincent).

WRMU Data:

Rainfall Data

WRMU Definitions

2009 Daily Rainfall                         2013 Daily Rainfall                         2017 Daily Rainfall

2010  Daily Rainfall                         2014 Daily Rainfall                         2018 Daily Rainfall

2011   Daily Rainfall                         2015 Daily Rainfall                         2019 Daily Rainfall

2012  Daily Rainfall                         2016 Daily Rainfall

Gauging 2009-2015

Gauging 2015-2020

Climate Station Data (2009-2015)

Belle Isle





Climate Station Data (2015-2020)

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