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About The Central Water and Sewerage Authority

Critical Outputs



To operate a financially viable organization that is fully autonomous.


To provide affordable water supply, sewerage and solid waste services to all SVG.


Customer Service

To become a customer service-oriented organization, with the highest standards.


Internal Business Processes

To improve the level of efficiency and effectiveness.


Development and Growth


To provide 100% access to water supply services.


To protect watersheds feeding CWSA’s intakes.


To provide a sewerage system for the most densely populated areas in SVG.


To create an independent, viable Solid Waste Management Unit.


To initiate a study for the implementation of potable water and waste water management on the island.

Assessment and improved monitoring of Non-revenue water reduction.


Organizational study aimed at improving efficiency & effectiveness.


Adopt a building maintenance management system.




  • Mrs. Girlyn Miguel - Chairperson

  • Mr. Crawford Young - Deputy Chairperson

  • Mr. Cuthbert Knights

  • Mr. Daverson Dick

  • Mr. Rudolph Daize

  • Mr. Maxwell Robertson

  • Mrs. Nerissa Gittens

  • Mr. Recardo Frederick


  • Mr. Winsbert Quow – General Manager

  • Mr. Brian Da Silva – Engineering Manager

  • Mrs. Gaylene Matthias – Financial Manager

  • Mr. Phillip Dalyrmple – Customer Care Manager

  • Ms. Joan Ryan – Public Relations and Marketing Manager

  • Mr. Michael Creese – Solid Waste Manager 

  • Mr. Randy Jackson – Information Technology Manager (A/G)

  • Mrs. Pamela Daniel – Human Resource Manager

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