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This department comprises water resources, water production, transmission and distribution, sewerage and laboratory operations.  The engineering operations include the design, planning and management of capital projects, defining critical maintenance areas, development of performance standards and repairs and restoration of systems.

The Engineering Department within the Central Water & Sewerage Authority is responsible for:

•   Project planning, design and construction

•  Operations and Maintenance - Water & Sewerage systems 

•  Quality control and laboratory services

•  Septage and Waste-water treatment

•  Water Resource Management (WRM)

•  Geographic Information Mapping

The department is comprised of civil and water engineers, engineering technicians in construction and hydrology, project officers, GIS and drafting technicians, water and sewerage superintendents and supervisors, pipe fitters, drivers as well as skilled and unskilled water and sewerage technicians.

Some Capital Projects


Calder Line Improvement


Kelbourney Tank 50,000 Imperial Gallon


Belair Line Improvement


Belair Line Improvement


Kelbourney Tank 50,000 Imperial Gallon


Belair Line Improvement

Laboratory Services


Potable Water Testing

Potable water refers to drinkable water transmitted through the water distribution network. The Authority maintains its in-house Laboratory to consistently monitor the potable water quality of the various sources across St. Vincent.

The lab also collaborates with the Water Resources Management Unit to ensure all raw water from the sources is monitored. 

Geographic Information System

This section of the department is focused on the collection of the field data and the mapping of the distribution lines across the country. Thus far, the progress is as follows; 


Percentage Completion

•  Sources and Treatment plants – 100%

•  Tanks – 100 %

•  Transmission lines inclusive of valves (all types) – 100%

•  Distribution lines inclusive of valves (all types):

➢  Area 1 – 100% (Kingstown)

➢  Area 2A –100% (West St. George)

➢  Area 2B –100% (East St. George)

➢  Area 3 – 100% (Marriaqua)

➢  Area 4 – 88% (South leeward)

➢  Area 5 –1% (North leeward)

➢  Area 6 – 100% (South Central Windward)

➢  Area 7 –78% (North Central Windward)

➢  Area 8 – 0% (North Windward)

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Water Resource Management Unit​

The Water Resources Management Unit was established to monitor  ensure all raw water from the various sources was monitored. 

The National Water Resources Management Unit had a very productive year in 2018. During the year the Unit assisted in the installation of four (4) early warning systems at:

•  Owia

•  Majorca

•  Arnos Vale, ET Joshua Airport

•  Dixon


The staff at the unit monitored hydrometric, hydrometeorological equipment and groundwater stations that are distributed throughout St. Vincent, Bequia and Union Island.  

nWRmu Climate netWoRk

The data collected from the network was further processed, verified, analyzed and stored.  The monitored network currently comprises of the following:


•  25 rain-gauges

     ➢  7 Early warning (Real Time) rain-gauges

     ➢ 18 Data loggers rain-gauge

•  6 climate stations

•  12 Automatic water level recording stations

    ➢  4 Early Warming (Real time) water level stations

    ➢  8 Data logger water level stations

•  6 Boreholes  (Deep Observation Wells with depths of 25 to 35 Meters)

•  21 flow (Discharge) measurement sites

•  26 Wells (Hand Dug/ shallow wells)

•  15 Water production

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