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This department focuses on the corporate image of the CWSA.

It also ensures that all staff, customers and the public are well informed about developments within the CWSA in a timely manner and that there is adequate dissemination of all the necessary information, education and awareness about the Authority’s products, services and operations in general.

• Corporate Responsibility & Image

• Stakeholder Collaboration

• Communications and Outreach

• Internal Relations

• Designs and Productions

Corporate Responsibility & image

Support is given in many different forms to several national organizations and individuals representing sporting, cultural, educational, medical and environmental concerns.

Stakeholder Collaboration

This have Included:

•  Recycling discussions with the Foreign Minister of the Republic of China on Taiwan

•  Discussions on the Inception report for UNDP/GEF funded Conserving Biodiversity and Reducing Land Degradation using the Ridge to Reef approach.

•  Discussions with the National Parks Authority Reef Guardian Pilot Programme

•  Coastal Clean-up Discussions with the Caribbean Youth Environment Network (CYEN)

•  Discussions with the Forestry department on initiatives pertaining to a GEF grant proposal.

•  Donation of engineering software by the Japan-   Caribbean Climate Change Partnership (J-CCCP) to the CWSA water resources management Unit

Communications and outreach


The CWSA’s Facebook page is usually updated to reflect new profiles, office closure notices, disaster preparedness tips, water disruption notices, bereavement notices, videos, information flyers and other special and seasonal campaigns including reminders for the Grenadines environmental fee payment, white goods collection and water storage etc.

Water storage Campaign


The Public Relations and Marketing Department launched a “water storage” campaign at the start of 2018. This initiative was borne out of the need to ensure that customers of the CWSA have their own adequate water storage. This initiative took the form of radio discussions, placement of relevant information on the CWSA's Facebook page, banners on the CWSA main compound, exposure through the print media and the placement of messages on the water bill receipts.

Electronic media

• Monthly sponsorship of the newscast on NBC Radio including messages & notices

• Discussions on Radio stations on water and environment matters

• Morning talk-show appearances 

• Emergency notices of water disruptions sent to all radio stations.

• Press briefings

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Internal Relations

The Public Relations and Marketing department is responsible for the  following internal relations:      

Hosting of the Annual Awards events

Quarterly general staff meetings.

Announcements on the telephone intercom informing staff of various events.

Representation at Engineering, Disaster Management and Solid waste    monthly departmental meetings.

• Independence and Christmas celebrations.

Graphic Design & Productions
  • Design, complete and distribute annual reports to members of staff.

  • Design complete and distribute wall and desk calendars.

  • In house productions are done by the PR & Marketing team which is led by our Graphic Artist Rae-Anne McDowall, Producer - Symantha George and Manager Joan Ryan

Projects with the PR Department

Water Week – A week of activities to celebrate achievements in the water sector, locally, regionally and Internationally

World Environment Day – Local activities that includes, tree planting, motivational environmental speeches, discussions etc

World Water Day – activities include, radio messages by the Minister of Health, Chair of the Board of Directors of the CWSA, Symposiums, workshops etc

Schools Career Fair – An event that welcomes students to the CWSA for an all-day exhibition on careers within the CWSA

  • Visits to schools throughout the state for career guidance programmes

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