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The IT department supports the infrastructure of the CWSA’s computer and information communication technology system.

This includes the maintenance of the network, system security, database, telephone and applications support. 

This department will continue to leverage emerging technology in terms of both hardware and software to better support the various departments.

The information technology department continues to expand its support services to the diverse areas of operations of the solid waste management Unit and the water and sewerage operations. Quite apart from these support services, the department also continued with its drive of renewal, replacement and upgrade of its hardware and software inventories along with engaging in routine and unplanned maintenance of same.

Our Responsibility

The IT Department oversees the management of the organization's Information and Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructure.


Routine Operations

The following routine operations are consistently carried out during the year:

•  Testing of internal and external backup power sources

•  Scheduled backups of ALL servers

•  Security updates

•  Software updates

•  Data entry of meter readings, and bank and agency payments

•  Monthly billings & postings

•  Bill Printing

•  Installations of new and replacement hardware and software

•  Accounting Software Support

•  SCADA Support & Maintenance

•  Desktop Support

•  Network Infrastructure Design and Architecture



•  Developing & Maintenance of CWSA's Website

Departmental Support

- Public Relations & Marketing Department

•  Updating of CWSA website, to include current information on projects, public relations activities and e-bill service

- Engineering

•  SCADA – Upgraded the application software

•  Water Resource Unit – Installation of new servers and software programs

•  Operations & Maintenance – maintenance of vehicle tracking software

•  Operations & Maintenance – Adaption of Helpdesk Software for use by the department

•  Electronic surveillance enhancements at all district offices

•  Training of staff on the use of Helpdesk

- Customer Service

•  Implementation of E-bill view notification

•  E-bill service in-house training  

•  Electronic complaints management

billing room.JPG

- Accounting

• Service Management (SM) Invoice Transaction Number Changes

• Cash Receipts printer problems investigated • General Accounting Software Updates – Service Management SM, GL, EF

- Information Technology

• Purchase and installation of upgraded servers and software

• Purchase and installation of dehumidifiers

• Improvement to cooling units in server and printing rooms

• Training of staff using HELPDESK

E-Bill sign in page.JPG

Is used internally by members of staff to report IT related faults.

- Administrative - Policy & Procedures


•  Re-circulation of System Development Life Cycle (SDLC)     Policy

•  Review of CWSA Disaster Recovery Plan

The Information technology department will continue, in concert with user departments, to research and leverage new technology for the benefit of all users and departments of the organization.

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