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The Central Water and Sewerage Authority (CWSA) has operated as a statutory body since 1970. Earliest recollection prior to 1970 however, place the operations of the CWSA as an arm of the Public Works Department, under the designation of the “Water Works”.  With supervisory authority from the Superintendent of Public Works, Water Works as it was known at that time was directly managed by an Engineering Assistant.

    With Technical and financial backing from PAHO and CEDEA, the Central Water and Sewerage Authority was formally born in 1970 with the commencement of the most senior position being that of General Manager.

Prior to 1984, pipe borne water to homes and other places of dwelling was limited and Stand Pipes were common throughout every community in St Vincent. The construction of the two major water supply systems, Dalaway in 1958 and Jennings which was commissioned in 2007, along with several smaller sources, saw the provision of pipe borne water to 98% of St Vincent.

Today, the CWSA has a total of 12 water catchments on mainland St Vincent and is well placed to provide top quality services in an efficient and affordable manner to every customer.

    The operations of the CWSA have included the Irrigation Unit which is no longer a part of the CWSA and the Solid Waste Management Unit, which continues to provide solid waste management services throughout SVG.

Meter Reading


Meter Reading


Skip Rentals

The SWMU deploys some sixty (60) skips within its waste collection operations servicing commercial customers, government institutions and community collection points.  


Derelict Vehicle Removal

The SWMU has procured a metal baler which was received and installed at the Diamond Landfill site. This unit will be used to process scrap metal into cube-shaped bales in preparation for export. Some private scrap metal dealers have already expressed interest in purchasing the bales once the operations have started.


Special goods Collection

Waste items that do not fall under regular garbage collections. Such as: green waste, light construction waste etc.

White goods collection.jpg

White Goods Collection

To sensitize the public on disaster preparedness, and also with the Ministry of Health’s efforts to reduce the proliferation of mosquitoes in the wake of a local dengue fever outbreak

Services SW

Current Derelict Vehicle removal program in svg

Water Management Alert System

SW Products

Products we sell



$40.00 per sack


Woodchip/ Garden Mulch

$5.00 per sack



$10.00 / $20.00 per sack

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