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Coronavirus actually turns out to be huge dangers for some nations, including Indonesia. As of not long ago, Indonesia actually battle to lessen the positive cases while directing the inoculation.

Regardless of whether a few pieces of society have immunized, there are as yet many bunches of new cases. In addition, there is huge danger that might occur since now individuals are getting ready for Mudik Lebaran.

For this situation, it is smarter to make severe standards in regards to mudik and other significant exercises. Government should clarify guideline and assent for the people who defy the principles.

Also, potential region where individuals can assemble should stand out. There ought to be specialists to screen the condition. When these are led well, occasion of Lebaran won't turn out to be large danger.

At any rate, there should be gigantic ban in new structure development. Moreover, guideline about AMDAL ought to be clarified so there will be no way for any gatherings to track down the reasons.

Then, there ought to be update in city arranging in which green region should be ready with legitimate computation. Then, woodland should be restored.

By doing along these lines, urban communities and different regions will have better administration of land for retaining the water, and debacle can be forestalled.

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